Shop and Ship launch new website platform!
Posted by SnS Chatterbox on 18 November 2013 01:41 PM

The day has finally arrived, 18 Novemeber 2013 to be exact! After a development phase of roughly 1 year (and countless late nights) we are finally ready to launch the brand new Shop and Ship website. (Same great service, of course!) We are excited to introduce a new way of shopping online, where the focus remains on an individual customer exeprience. We have taken 6 years of experience and bottled it all up in the new website, we've learnt from our mistakes but capatilised on our strong points. From here on we say, ENJOY! and remember at Shop and Ship, Service Comes Standard!

We look forward to your feedback in our constant effort to deliver a world class shopping experience, give us a shout or drop us a mail - hey, we all learn something new every day!